Figure 46c

Four types of calcific aortic stenosis. In each, the unopened aortic valve is viewed form above.
A. Acquired bicuspid aortic valve with secondary calcification. At the center of the conjoined cusp (lower center) are elements of two preexisting cusps, now fused.
B. Congenital bicuspid valve. The characteristic raphe of the congenital bicuspid aortic valve appears at the lower portion of the figure.
C. Senile type. None of the commissures is fused, but there is a major intrinsic calcification of the three cusps.
D. Unicuspid, unicommissural congenital aortic stenosis with secondary calcification.

JE Edwards: Pathology of acquired valvular disease of the heart. Semin Roentgenol 14:96, 1979.

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