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The blood supply of the heart consists of the right and left coronary arteries (see figures 104c, 104d, 104e, 104f, 104g, 104h)

Figure 104c
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Figure 104d
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Figure 104e
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Figure 104f
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Figure 104g
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Figure 104h
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A. Right & Left Coronary Arteries

B. Branches of Right Coronary Artery

1. Main
2. Posterior Descending Branch
3. Sinus Node branch

C. Branches of Left Coronary Artery

1. Main
2. Left Anterior Descending (LAD)
3. Circumflex

D. Blood Supply of Cardiac Conduction System

(see figures 104f, 104g, 104h)

1. Sinus Node Artery Supplies Blood to Sinus Node
  a. Origin of Sinus Node Artery
2. AV Nodal Artery Supplies Blood to the AV node
  a. Origin of AV Nodal Artery
3. LAD supplies the right and left bundle branches