Figure 11f

Schematic left anterior oblique view of the atria,sectioned at the tricuspid and mitral valve annuli.Orifices of the inferior vena cava(IVC) and superior vena cava(SVC),as well as the coronary sinus,are shown. The approximate positions of the Halo electrode pairs 1 to 10 and pacing sites 1 and 2 are shown.Halo electrode pair 1 was adjacent to the coronary sinus orifice. The range of radiofrequency ablation sites among the cohort was from just outside the coronary sinus ostium to Halo electrode pair 3.CSd=distal coronary sinus;CSp=proximal coronary sinus;HB=His bundle.

Reference:Schwartzman,D. and OTHERS,Conduction Block in the Inferior Vena Caval-Tricuspid Valve Isthmus:Association With Outcome of Radiofrequency Ablation of Type 1 Atrial Flutter,J AM Coll Cardiol 1996;28:1519-31